Saint-Petersburg Exchange

Saint-Petersburg Exchange

Saint-Petersburg Exchange (SPB Exchange) is one of the oldest Russian exchanges. Nonprofit Partnership Stock Exchange "Saint-Petersburg" was created in April 1997 for the purpose of organizing securities trading. The partnership became the first licensed stock exchange in Russia.

To facilitate further development of the business, in January 2009 the partnership was restructured into Open Joint Stock Company "Saint-Petersburg Exchange". As a result all the partnership members became shareholders of Saint-Petersburg Exchange.

Saint-Petersburg Exchange is operating under exchange license No.045-002 issued by the Federal Service for Financial Markets on 29 August 2013.


In 1998 Nonprofit Partnership Stock Exchange "Saint-Petersburg" became one of the four trading platforms authorized to organize trading in stocks of Gazprom. From 1998 to 2013 Saint-Petersburg Exchange was the only stock exchange in Russia where the stocks of Gazprom were listed.

The derivatives market created by Saint-Petersburg Exchange was the only futures and options market that survived the financial crisis of 1998 without a single suspension of trading or default. FORTS, the leading Russian derivatives market, was developed on its basis. In 2001 FORTS was purchased by RTS Stock Exchange. Since 2009 FORTS has been ranked by the FIA among the TOP 10 leading global derivatives markets in terms of trading volume.

In 2010 Saint-Petersburg Exchange and RTS Stock Exchange (later - Moscow Exchange) started to work together on a project related to development of on-exchange trading in futures contracts on commodities (diesel, gasoil, wheat, corn, soybeans and cotton) organized by Saint-Petersburg Exchange.

In June 2014 Saint-Petersburg Exchange moved to a new trading platform and launched trading in top liquid Russian stocks.

In November 2014 Saint-Petersburg Exchange implemented a breakthrough project for the Russian financial market. The Exchange admitted to trading 55 stocks from the S&P 500 Index. Since that time the list of available foreign securities has been significantly expanded to include more stocks and new types of instruments, such as ADRs and eurobonds.

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