Roman Goryunov was appointed as CEO of SPB Exchange

On October 6, 2021 the Board of Directors appointed Roman Goryunov as CEO of SPB Exchange, where he will continue to implement the development strategy of SPB Exchange.

Eugene Serdyukov, stepping down as CEO, will remain on the board of SPB Exchange and will continue to be responsible for the development of exchange markets in the position of the First Deputy Director.

About PJSC «SPB Exchange»

SPB Exchange is the leading exchange for international securities in the Russian financial market. SPB Exchange operates according to a B2B2C model, simultaneously focussing on retail investors and financial intermediaries as direct customers. SPB Exchange provides investment opportunities for Russian and international investors by offering a wide range of investment products, following best-execution principles and using smart order routing. Opening at 7 a.m. Moscow time, SPB Exchange’s proprietary technology platform provides 19-hour access to an expansive pool of investment products of international financial markets, tight spreads, and unique liquidity.

As of 30 September 2021, more than 1,600 securities from foreign issuers, including shares, depositary receipts and Eurobonds, were being traded on SPB Exchange. SPB Exchange’s trading hours cover trading sessions on international exchanges, including regular as well as pre-market and a significant part of post-market trading in the United States and Europe.

SPB Exchange Group includes the subsidiary operating companies MFB Clearing Center (JSC), which provides clearing services, and PJSC Best Efforts Bank, which acts as a settlement depository.