SPB Exchange monthly report, September 2021

The value of foreign-securities transactions in main trading on SPB Exchange in September 2021 amounted to USD 26.79 billion,* down 6.63% from August (USD 28.69 billion) but up 47.79% from September 2020 (USD 18.13 billion).

The average daily trading volume involving foreign securities in September decreased by 6.63% from August to USD 1.22 billion. Traders made 23.84 million transactions in main trading sessions in September.

The number of active investor accounts in September decreased by 3.50% to 824.72 thousand (854.65 thousand in August). The number of accounts with positions in securities amounted to 1.43 million, up 5.09% from August.

As of September 30, 14.78 million client accounts had been admitted to trading on SPB Exchange, an increase of 7.23% from a month earlier (13.78 million in August). The number of unique customers amounted to 10.06 million, 7.11% more than in August.

Trades were executed in September involving 1,584 shares and depositary receipts of foreign issuers as well as 25 Eurobonds. The value of transactions in main trading involving Eurobonds in August amounted to USD 6.86 million.

The leading foreign securities in terms of trading volume in main trading sessions were the shares and depositary receipts of the following issuers: Moderna (SPB: MRNA, 5,81%** of the total trading volume by value in September), Virgin Galactic (SPB: SPCE, 5,49%), Tesla (SPB: TSLA, 3,68%), Alibaba (SPB: BABA, 3,58%), VipShop (SPB: VIPS, 3,48%), EQT Corporation (SPB: EQT, 3,36%), Apple (SPB: AAPL, 2,84%), Endo International (SPB: ENDP, 2,03%), PBF Energy (SPB: PBF, 1,84%), Carnival Corporation (SPB: CCL, 1,53%).

The top 10 shares and depositary receipts of foreign issuers in investor portfolios in monetary terms as a percentage of the total volume at the end of September (average portfolio) were Alibaba (SPB: BABA, 5,43%), Apple (SPB: AAPL, 3,68%), Virgin Galactic (SPB: SPCE, 3,68%), Amazon (SPB: AMZN, 2,70%), Freedom Holding (SPB: FRHC, 2,68%), Tesla (SPB: TSLA, 2,64%), Boeing (SPB: BA, 1,76%), Baidu (SPB: BIDU, 1,76%), Vipshop (SPB: VIPS, 1,68%), Microsoft (SPB: MSFT, 1,56%).

The share of trading volume in securities from the list of indices*** approved by the Bank of Russia in the total trading volume (in main trading sessions) in September amounted to 44.06%.

In September, 15.80% of the monthly trading volume took place between 10:00 and 16:30 Moscow time, while 1.63% of monthly trading took place between 7:00 and 10:00 Moscow time (100 shares and depositary receipts are available for investors during this trading period).

The five leading traders in terms of trading volume in August (in main trading sessions) were Tinkoff Bank, VTB Bank (PJSC), AO Alfa Bank, BCS Ltd. and IC Finam JSC.

About PJSC «SPB Exchange»

SPB Exchange is the leading exchange for international securities in the Russian financial market. SPB Exchange operates according to a B2B2C model, simultaneously focussing on retail investors and financial intermediaries as direct customers. SPB Exchange provides investment opportunities for Russian and international investors by offering a wide range of investment products, following best-execution principles and using smart order routing. Opening at 7 a.m. Moscow time, SPB Exchange’s proprietary technology platform provides 19-hour access to an expansive pool of investment products of international financial markets, tight spreads, and unique liquidity.

As of 30 September 2021, more than 1,600 securities from foreign issuers, including shares, depositary receipts and Eurobonds, were being traded on SPB Exchange. SPB Exchange’s trading hours cover trading sessions on international exchanges, including regular as well as pre-market and a significant part of post-market trading in the United States and Europe.

SPB Exchange Group includes the subsidiary operating companies MFB Clearing Center (JSC), which provides clearing services, and PJSC Best Efforts Bank, which acts as a settlement depository.

* The value of transactions (in main trading) involving foreign securities, which includes shares and depositary receipts of foreign issuers with listings in the United States and Germany and on the LSE, is provided.
** Percentages of shares and depositary receipts in the total trading volume (in main trading) on SPB Exchange for foreign securities in September 2021.
*** The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), Nasdaq-100 (NDX), S&P 500 (SPX) and DAX 40.